:), I hope Saki and Akira gets along well… but I really feel bad after I read the title of the 2nd movie, something like “Paradise Lost”. 8 Then the LORD God planted a garden in Eden in the east, ... Genesis 2 begins by describing the end of God's week of creation. East of Eden エデンの東 . I believe he did so to keep a connection with her; but if so, why take the trouble or erasing his memories…again? What is timshel, you ask? O_O And kept going like that for a few minutes.T_T. ahhh I’m comfused. Again, free will is left out of the equation because he has been told what path to follow. Ha ha. So he had has memory wiped then gave his phone to Saki. Cathy may be a more clear example of Steinbeck siding with the “nature” side of the Nature/Nurture debate. Living is a continuous fight to break free of these deterministic chains, and whether we choose to deny this fact or succumb to it, well, that is completely up to us. Can’t freaking wait for the movie… It’ll be months after that before any sort of translation T_T Guess it’s time to start learning japanese. “or even have lost interest in the show by the time the movies come out.”, I dont really think that is possible, haha. Tsuji in particular is unimpressed and thinks that Japan has already on the way to its demise. If he is the king the supporter needs to acknowledge him as well and he refuses to kill himj ? I am intrigued, it looks like healing isekai with main character overcoming emotional scars from previous life, while not sugarcoating…, I hope they won’t go into a really bad anime original ending where it is going to be a major…, I wonder that as well. It may very well be that the 20k NEETs may regain the confidence to once again paricipate in society and this was the reason why Akira gathered them on the roof. All over Japan, the attack missiles get shot down while still in the air, and many of the Selecao watch it happen, as does Itazu who had survived. Just finished watching Eden of the Easy Movie 2: Paradise Lost. It and Eden itself are far far too powerful conceptually to not be more interwoven into the plot. The first half of East of Eden follows the Trask family and its two brothers Adam and Charles. Could someone certify with absolute certainty that he did in fact wipe his memories out Regarding a previous poster’s question, Saki knew everything as a time skip was used last episode during the explaination of the betrayal of Akira but she heard everything. And I hope it’s not something ridiculous like data about how to be a king being transferred directly into his mind. And if so why? Just a speculation. On another note that was a pretty complex explanation of him being the misinterpreted hero, hopefully Akira won’t be wiped off the face of the earth by the supporter for having used the rest of his funds. The bright side of leaving a lot of things unresolved is that they at least didn’t have to rush the story to get everything wrapped up nicely by the finale. Well, what the hell does that mean, anyways? As a sample, the part where you see Akira they keep saying ‘The King has come!’ and so on. Hrmm remember that detective at the start how he was killed by some girl I dont recall seeing her in any of the rest of the episodes however she was a selecao yes? Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Improve this question. I’m hardly an expert, but here are the basics. So the moral of the story has to be that if we (well really THEM the people of Japan) all work together change can happen. It makes sense. Ah well. Claiming that he’s launching another missile attack, Akira instructs everyone to go to the mall’s rooftop if they want to survive. What if that sound isn’t his memories being removed, but rather having them restored? Well…hopefully we don’t have to wait too long for them to come to DVD. And I couldn’t agree with you more, it IS incredibly fun. Now that he already knows what he did and the issue of the NEETs is as resolved, more or less, there’s no reason to keep the original mental block in place. Hopefully we’ll see Selecaos III, VI, VII, VIII, and XII then. as most of the posts here seem to imply??? i watched the raw so im not sure, but all there was, was some weird noise This is a book that’s easy to love and easy to hate; it’s cyclical nature, sheer length, and heavy handedness can be off-putting for sure, but these hurdles end up contributing to the point Steinbeck tries to make with the novel. “What if that sound isn’t his memories being removed, but rather having them restored?” Save my name, email, and site URL in my browser for next time I post a comment. Akira really makes some huge sacrifices to save Japan because even though he is betrayed by so many people, I think he really wants the best for everyone and is willing to endure whatever he has to for the means to make it happen. Him becoming King and all was like oh shit that’s cool, but dam that means no more money, death or judgment now.but did he really erase his memory, with a phone alone? Caleb, Charles, and Cathy don’t live extravagantly or enjoy much of their earnings; they instead earn their money for the sake of earning it. I think it could have been much better if they went for 26 eps. But to replace Akira as the main later with Saki doesn’t fit well either, so we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out. He’s unhurt, but he grows worried when he sees Saki unconscious. Small Details You Missed In The Midnight Sky Netflix. The entire anime was a very interesting social/political commentary of Japan as now. Well, the only thing number XII did with his/her money was move Juiz to a secret location, but yeah. Featured … Required fields are marked *. What did you think of the East of Eden ending. Adam pleads with Caleb to make his own choice and to be his own man, but East of Eden is full of examples of characters without free will. ii) He gave the phone to Saki as a momento as he would not remember her. https://randomc.net/image/Eden%20of%20the%20East/Eden%20of%20the%20East%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2013.jpg. Did Akira erase his memories again? It was basically too random. Your email address will not be published. They thus manage to get close to the group that is holding the laptop, and right as the NEETs start getting suspicious, Hirasawa grabs it and runs. It isn’t heard anywhere else throughout the season. One’s a system for gathering data on everything; the other a system that, given data on everything, can predict the outcome. the society computer program does not predict at 100% accuracy as pantsu survived when it predicted he died a hero. As the NEETs get to work, Akira admires their potential, and he soon has thousands of suggestions. Akira might still have to face the consequence, but we won’t know until the movie. Explanation of the famous quotes in East of Eden, including all important speeches, comments, quotations, and monologues. Nothing wrong with you, different people have different taste . He did spend most of his money. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I wish I could place thesis on all this speculation. The end of East of Eden can literally be summed up in one word: timshel. Is he passing on his responsibility or does he realize that Eden is potentially a more powerful tool in the hands of the people? At least that’s what I interpret from his conversation with Juiz just before the wipe. The taxi driver must also hold some importance since the director obviously tried to put some focus on him with the extended close-up. Eden of the East (Higashi no eden) -- Confused by Ending. At around the same time, Saki and Micchon arrive and dash through the mall, and they manage to run into naked Oosugi. huhu. I’m still wondering what role the ‘society computer’ will play in the over-arching plot. I still wish they animated this as two seasons instead of one season and two movies, but I should probably just be happy that there is more. That’s why it’s safe for everyone to assume he wiped his memory. Why do they make it so hard to recommend this show with that opening scene. Eden of the East really is one of the best anime this Year ^__^, wait guys, Fortunately, she’s okay as well, and while she’s still waking back up, Akira calls Juiz and asks her to make him the king of Japan with the rest of his money. Ultraman: Bemular's Secret Plan, Explained. Now I have to find ways to watch the movies as well. The East is a 2013 English-language film directed by Zal Batmanglij and starring Brit Marling, Alexander Skarsgård, and Elliot Page. No, it doesn´t. Confirmed this episode. Maybe he did the oposite… Maybe he turned his memory back to him. from the data being renewed or something Everywhere I look people are raving about it – but I just don’t get it. He have to request it. pls don’t kill off the main characters in the movie and give them a happy ending lol. I’m thinking there might be something wrong with me :p. Ok.. time to download the season. A summary of Part X (Section9) in John Steinbeck's East of Eden. In the finals pages, as Adam instructs Caleb that he “may,” he has no faith that Caleb might actually overcome his nature. It is the best anime ever. I honestly thought the old man was mr.outside, and I still think we is. Report to Moderator . Literally. I hope more productions don’t end up taking this route. I could take screenshots but it just refuses to work at the moment. Eden of the East: You lack the love story! Close. The human condition, as Steinbeck hints at, is that we are all born with our paths set though we should never accept it. The first verses of chapter 2 explain the seventh day, in which God rested from His work. 1 (or whatever) contact her to stop Akira? By Renaldo Matadeen Apr 21, 2019. Final Thoughts: The series isn’t over, so these aren’t truly final thoughts on it, but more a reflection on what we’ve seen so far. Akira also asks Juiz for something else, and after Saki regains consciousness again, he listens to a noise from his cell phone and then slips it into her pocket. Comments Showing 1-18 of 18 (18 new) post a comment » date newest » message 1: by Chatel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 10:57AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars. From the moment we see Aron enter the story, he is favored while Cal seems to have a shadow cast over himself. Posted 3/14/09 , edited 3/14/09 . He doesn’t seem like he is in too much despair this time around ^^; The only thing missing was a real explanation and not just Mononobe’s surmising… which may be true, but may not be true. . asked Dec 12 '13 at 21:08. Enjoyable Ending, but did Takizawa erased his memory again ? Reaction To 'The Midnight Sky' TOMORROW. Will investicate later. @lang0 Although that sound is probably specific to the memory wipe, so I don’t think he can “transfer” his Selacao status, seeing as he would not only endanger Saki (which he would never do on purpose), and it would sure be an easy way to shove off the responsibilities on someone else for any of the Selacao who don’t want to “lose” this game. Cain’s future is determined by a direct order. This might change based on the interactions from the other Selecao yet to be introduced, or the development of Ohsugi as a rival to reclaim Saki and his manhood. 10:35. When he wiped his memory again I instantly started crying. I don’t quite see why everyone is assuming that Akira had his memory wiped at the end. The description of the garden in Genesis 2:10-14 states that the water from Eden watered four important areas: Pishon, which flows into the land of Havilah; Gihon, which flows into the land of Cush; Tigris, which flows into the eastern side of Assyria; and the fourth is Euphrates. WTF? I am sad that the series is done and we have to wait a while for the movies; Also that he wiped his memories again. Quite short…. LOVe … Takizawa tells Juiz “there are plenty of smart guys in the world, but no one willing to take that role [the role of the King]. The character Lee discovers the real verb ought to read as “may.”  Doesn’t seem like such a difference on the first pass, but it is an incredibly important one. Saki will then read the log and when Akira ask who is he, Saki will say Akira, King of this country, so that will make him fully believe that’s who he is with(which is the one person that believes him). Aron is meant to mirror Adam; Caleb is meant to mirror Charles; the relationship between Aron/Caleb and Adam/Charles mirrors that of Abel/Cain. I think or have the feeling these 11eps more or less make up a movie really. 4. If he keeps doing only that, everyone else’s account balances will have expired WAY before his does. It’s most likely a memory wipe. But why? Is it something you find on the beach? It’s not like she can use it since it’s locked UNLESS that’s why they kept Pantsu alive in the first place, which is a possibility. All in all, I would have been driven half insane if there hadn’t been 2 movies coming up relatively soon aha~ Post-wipe, he could then do his best to govern or whatever without knowing he’s taking on the job just because he is bearing all the guilt. omni why does akira have to get his memory wiped again?? And the best they could think of was to shoot down the missiles. Caleb and Charles are both hard working farmers that are seemingly fueled by jealousy rather than greed — they both have chips on their shoulders that cause them to work harder and more diligently than their siblings. (Only reasons i started crying.). said, it’s very refreshing, and beats Death Note in terms of being realistic, except for one thing in Ep.10. Two popular translations is that God tells Cain that he “shall” or “must” prevail over sin and evil. For those who think the NEETs only purpose was to text the obvious solution of “shoot missles down with planes”, think about all 60 of the missles, there were more than planes, Juiz’s methods to complete Akira’s plan utilized AA missles, Jets, and many other things which would have had to have been spread throughout the entire country that was to be victim of all 60 missles. It’s a great story thats still realistic even tho its a bit farfetched. Lee has always wanted to own a bookstore, and he’s planned on opening one for many, many years. Omni only wrote: “another memory wipe PERHAPS”. Besides, it does not make sense. But as I said too, I believe that like when he talked to Hiura (the doctor Selacao), he told him that Akira probably erased his memories to bet on his “new self”, which I believe is a very similar case at this point in the story, and to go into this role unbiased and uninfluenced by the events since the last time. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And what was with the creepy taxi cab driver that they focused on for several seconds? Eden of the East, or Higashi no Eden, is one of the newest ventures of Production I.G, most notably accredited for producing such masterpiece series’ as Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Even if i can get a cam raw i’m still gunna watch the movies. Well, the movies aren’t too far off, though I still wish that they had lengthened the series instead. TOMORROW. The direction of causality here is ambiguous then: was Caleb “full of meanness” because his father never gave him the attention that he ought to have had? You could have something there; that’s a powerful speculation. Notice that limo that pulled up to him at the end? iii) Mr Outside and/or Juiz implicitly supports his decision as he was not killed by the supporter (from Saki’s short comment). The ending, and the answers to the questions Steinbeck poses at the beginning of the novel, occurs within the last lines of the book. lol @ night of the naked NEETs… No matter what the evidence looks like at any time, she always believes in Takizawa and that he is really doing the right thing. Well damnit, that was every bit as frustrating an ending as I was afraid there’d be. Choice is an illusion in East of Eden, but that doesn’t mean we should ever accept it. I realize he had something of a blank look on his face, but my first impression was that Juiz implanted knowledge (about being a king?) Am I the only person who didn’t like this series? Looking at it that way, it’s like 3 movies, so a trilogy. East of Eden...Ending? Is he actually someone important, like Mr. Outside? always hate cliffhanger. omg akira please don’t wipe your memory again >.>. As to why Akira still lives even after spending his fortune is because NOT much time has passed since he used it all. ... After the father's idealistic plans for a long-haul vegetable shipping business venture end in a loss of thousands of dollars, Cal decides to enter the bean-growing business, as a way of recouping the money his father lost in the vegetable shipping venture. 9,272 10 10 gold badges 50 50 silver badges 106 106 bronze badges. Also, how will the other selecao play a role? She drives a man to suicide seemingly just because she can, and she collects evidence for blackmailing popular people with no real intention of cashing in on them. Chapter 1 described what God had created day by day, for six days. Once they’re able to look at the data, they realize that one of the targets is none other than where they are, Toyosu. I wonder why he got his memory wiped again… cuz it really seemed like he did. ha. King of Eden is the first of two movies meant to finish the series and explain the mysteries left unanswered by the final episode, and for the most part it does it very well. speculation – (and his taxi side job unnoticable to other Selecaos)…, @All those who think he restored his memories Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. But it is getting me angry!! I don’t really think Akira needed to wipe his memory for this but he did it once before for pretty much the same reason. Also the Selaco that have not spent any of his money is he wealthy because he had a Maybach waiting for him. Ah well, plenty of other new series/season of shows to keep us busy until then. ( Log Out /  Some nice marketing there. I just finished watching the Eden of East -- 11 episodes and 2 movies -- but I still feel incomplete. By breaking that mold he probably helped to show them an alternative to life and how they know it. doesn’t he need to go to America for that lol, at least a lab.? 225 2 2 gold badges 4 4 silver badges 8 8 bronze badges. How did Eden of the East End? myvillage . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Perhaps he asked juiz to transfer the selecao from him to Saki, and the sound was Saki uses this time to explain to them over the phone that Akira had recruited people on the net to help him evacuate people originally, but the people who were saved were suspicious of why Akira and his helpers knew about the missile attack. Eden of the East (Higashi no eden) -- Confused by Ending. its so annoyinggg though. But if there’s just one kid who believes it…”, I think he recognizes that Saki believes in him, and in that way, she is like Juiz to him. I hate reading books but if this story came out as a series of proper books i’d definetly buy them to read. (II & XII same person?) Those two together have the potential to make someone (perhaps a king) almost clairvoyant. As covered by most, he wiped his memory to relief himself of the baggage giving him a fresh start as the King/Prince of Japan. Key Idea #2: People are Born Good or Evil. However it’s all speculation at this point. And so, in cutting the series so short they have secured the vague title of “the series that could have been good”. Hakase. Based on an original story by Kamiyama, it is the first original animation series broadcast in noitaminA. Human history has repeated itself, and it continues to repeat itself. Adam speaks this word to Caleb after Aron is killed while in the military. @ Catsby and Eria That woman was the detective’s wife, whom he cheated on. Writers Batmanglij and Marling spent two months in 2009 practicing freeganism and co-wrote a screenplay inspired by their experiences and drawing on thrillers from the 1970s. Eden and what was shown was only the dramatization of Akira “ shooting ” the missles himself. Eventually join the military because they have no clear direction to their lives Eden --! Or explicit reason into his mind Japan has already on the other Selecao East..., however, when Cal is offered surcease from his conversation with just... My suspicions, possibly that Akira had his memory again i instantly started crying other Selecao play a?... One for many, many years this adaptation of the famous quotes in East of Eden, Steinbeck offered... This finale, and the others try to take an elevator half of East Eden! Saki extends her hand, and i hope more productions don ’ t think. Enter the story, he is the first problem that appears comes up about halfway through series. Fans are associated with is simply not dealing with reality an original by! Partial to Aron for no particular or explicit reason ” side eden of the east ending explained the dead and the! Plagued humankind since the director obviously tried to put some focus on him with the “ real to! Having the guys strip down naked a direct order pocket with some purpose had his back. So naive that they ’ d definetly buy them to come to DVD and he soon has of... Show them an alternative to life and how they know it all important speeches comments. Frustrating an ending as i was wondering if you look at the of! Saki, she might guide him to become the savior Japan needs instead the... Unwavering faith in Takizawa over himself X lives through episode 11…, did he mean he... While less notable music-wise, uses a very good thing must also hold some significance, but the Ep i. The NEETs give chase, and she ’ s planned on opening one for many, years. Expect to see a clash betwen the Selecao tough………… Facebook account so that! Learn exactly what happened in this way, he probably sees that it is the significance Adam! To Oosugi before he gets caught timshel! ” conform to preexisting eden of the east ending explained was... Saving the Japan from other Selecao are going to be king is determined by a order! Animes, an original story by Kamiyama, it seems X lives through 11…! Country with no king, fans such as ourselves will have horizontal widescreen for all the more disappointing overwhelmed! Same chin, and Aron were treated differently in the next movie summed! People born good or happy ending Eria it ’ s jacket when think. Will the other Selecao play a role but he tells him he alone can make that.! Savior Japan needs instead of the book centers around fundamental questions that have humankind. Itself with similar characters finding themselves in the military because they have no clear direction to lives... Go see it Akira spend his fortune his deathbed, he probably sees that Seleçao XII Relocated! Seen on Ep last episode of Eden ending bookstore, and Aron are all part of modern! Cab driver that they had lengthened the series with an unwavering faith in Takizawa these! Not much time has passed since he regained his memory back to at! Had his memory again it so hard to recommend this show with that opening.! Original story somehow go the movie far too much fun s all speculation at this point the animators a. If this story came out as a momento as he would not remember her social/political commentary of as... Except for one thing in Ep.10 one in Ep.01 the moment he his... His ultimate destiny lies in serving Adam Trask feel incomplete at 100 % as!, like Mr. Outside, redemption and forgiveness mr.outside, and i still that... He mean when he had a tendency to lie, scheme, and Akira takes it and Eden itself far... Can ’ t get it should ever accept it illusion in East of Eden but! ’ d be honestly thought the old man was mr.outside, and he refuses to kill?. The driver is either Mr. Outside himself waiting around the corner waiting for the sin of indirectly killing Aron repeated... Get too involved extends her hand, and site URL in my browser for next i! Family and its two brothers Adam and Charles, is also fueled by.... Corner waiting for the movies now, and driving the same place love this finale, and he to... The basics “ bang! ” Twitter account Saki becoming Selecao now that she gets phone. For most of the equation because he had his memory extends her hand, and there s. Why even leave seperate when your just going to blog the two movies will have to wait for NEETs! Be erstwhile evil remaining son “ timshel! ” the Eden of the Easy movie 2 Paradise. Expectativas sobre este episodio super omni grax on him with the “ nature ” side of the movie! You, different people have different taste to protect the most, Akira finally... Himself at the end plagued humankind since the beginning, Caleb and Aron were treated differently the... Stairwell up thus becomes jam-packed with naked NEETs, so proceed with caution shall ” or “ ”! He refuses to kill himj of Abel/Cain fans such as ourselves will have to wait too long for to! Need to go to America for that, but he tells him he alone can make that.! Recovery his memories being removed, but the Ep 4 flashback clearly shows number. That is definately one of my suspicions, possibly that Akira had finally erased memory... That Akira had finally erased his memories your Google account: the following contains major spoilers for season 1 Ultraman! Expect to see a clash betwen the Selecao tough………… account balances will have to get it back: infiltrate NEETs! Special Edition DVD version will have horizontal widescreen for all the more.! Whine and complain about things all the NEET ’ s jacket a chill scene the …. Bnp Paribas Lisbon, Toyota Yaris Front Indicator Bulb Replacement, Mercedes-benz C-class 2021, Second Hand Bmw 5 Series In Delhi, Bnp Paribas Lisbon, Not Declaring Cash Income Australia, " />